Painting on the go

I wanted to send a card to a friend, but I haven’t come up with a good idea. So, at last moment, before going to the post office, I stamped a frog and a talk bubble on a  postcard from Maruman Watercolor Postcard Pad (so far only this product from Maruman that’s really worth its price). There’s a really nice picnic table behind the post office where I quickly add watercolor to the card.


For some reason my phone camera always lost focus on the frog in every pics I took. Poor frogie…



Postcrossing – Cat drawing

Argh why do I get so obsessed by cat lately?!?

There are a lot of cat lover on Postcrossing. One of person I get to send a card asks for a drawing for any who will send her a card. So, I quickly grab a paper and pencil and started to draw. I miss watercolor and I’m happy to use it for this drawing.


I have to catch a plane to Bali in just a couple hours, so just making this post a quick one.