Drawing from tutorial

I found this cute tutorial about drawing flowing looking goldfish from thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich. I thought that it looks quite easy to follow, and so I tried it.

I experimented using only Derwent Inktense Pencils, since I’m still not used to using Inktense.

It turned out that once I get to know the characteristic of Inktense, it’s not much different than using watercolour. I had so much fun doing this goldfish that I put more colours on the fish.


For those who want to watched the tutorial, this is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUKGj50AV60&list=UU_pR1d2QM9MlashFgTbJQlw


New project – Wire Jewelry

While I looked around for gemstone and their meaning, I stumbled across pictures of Wire Jewelry with gemstones on it. They look so beautiful. The wire twisted to make swirly frame for the gemstone, really I just can’t resist sparkly and shiny things. Especially those which I can make on my own. So, I browse through my favorite online craft supply store. No need to guess, I ended up with a haul of necessary item to make basic wire jewelry. Luckily I already have some tools needed from my earlier polymer clay obsession. While I wait for the wire spool and gemstones to arrive, I drew some design sketch for my wire project.

This one is my design for Aventurine and Iolite pendant. Hopefully it’s possible to make it like I draw it.

IMG_5710-wire pendant

Postcrossing – Cat drawing

Argh why do I get so obsessed by cat lately?!?

There are a lot of cat lover on Postcrossing. One of person I get to send a card asks for a drawing for any who will send her a card. So, I quickly grab a paper and pencil and started to draw. I miss watercolor and I’m happy to use it for this drawing.


I have to catch a plane to Bali in just a couple hours, so just making this post a quick one.

Happy day – Sad Day

This afternoon I received two packages. I kind of surprised by this, since I haven’t expected any packages to arrive today.

The first package was my books order. I found some nice books on sale on Periplus Online Bookstore. And since I’m ordering anyway, I order two books of Carol Berg. She is one of my favorite author, but strangely I don’t have any of it in hard copy. So, it’s just to do her works justice that I finally order this (plus, this duet are my favorites of her books).


The next package was my filateli stamps order.  I tried to order some stamps from online website, since it’s so hard to find unique stamps in the post office. With the help of my cousin, I finally get to done it. I am satisfied by the speed of the post office to send my order. Usually they are slow in everything.

IMG_5651s IMG_5650s IMG_5649s

So, the sad part of the day is, my friend dumped me on our Saturday girls night. We had talked about it last week and promised to meet to have fun tomorrow. When I asked her about it just a while ago she just said ‘Sorry can’t go, have another appointment’. It’s usually ok by me if she can’t go, but the offhanded way she said it to me just makes me sad. 😦

Take the Challenge with Mou – Valentine Theme

Since I skipped making cards on last Christmas, I feel I have to make up for that to my friend. This month Take the Challenge With Mou is just the perfect opportunity for me to make up for it.

This month theme is Valentine! And Valentine doesn’t have to be celebrated with a boyfriend right? So I love my friends and I want to show it to them with these cards. I hope they’ll like too! 😀

IMG_5658s IMG_5661s

Art Shopping

So, at last the rain stopped raining and the sun was shining brightly today. I decided it was the perfect time to finally got my lazy ass up and visit the phone store. I’ve been wanting a new cdma phone for a while. When I got to the store, I found out that the model I want is not available and I have to pre-order it. The customer service person who were assigned to me was not the friendliest kind. He was distracted by the new customers coming in and ignore me as soon as he put my name on the pre-order list (which he wrote incorrectly). So, kicked out of the store with nothing in hand and a lot amount of skepticism that he will really call me when the phone arrived, I decided that this more than an hour long journey through the city traffic was not to be wasted.

I turned my direction into a stationery and art supplies store near the area. I didn’t have a long list to buy things there, but once I got in there I was in a sopping mode. I pretty much put everything that catches my interest in the shopping bag. I shouldn’t be let to get near this store. Lucky it’s quite far from my house.