Happy day – Sad Day

This afternoon I received two packages. I kind of surprised by this, since I haven’t expected any packages to arrive today.

The first package was my books order. I found some nice books on sale on Periplus Online Bookstore. And since I’m ordering anyway, I order two books of Carol Berg. She is one of my favorite author, but strangely I don’t have any of it in hard copy. So, it’s just to do her works justice that I finally order this (plus, this duet are my favorites of her books).


The next package was my filateli stamps order.  I tried to order some stamps from online website, since it’s so hard to find unique stamps in the post office. With the help of my cousin, I finally get to done it. I am satisfied by the speed of the post office to send my order. Usually they are slow in everything.

IMG_5651s IMG_5650s IMG_5649s

So, the sad part of the day is, my friend dumped me on our Saturday girls night. We had talked about it last week and promised to meet to have fun tomorrow. When I asked her about it just a while ago she just said ‘Sorry can’t go, have another appointment’. It’s usually ok by me if she can’t go, but the offhanded way she said it to me just makes me sad. 😦


DATED – the art of doodling

So, I’m a reeeeeeeeally good on procrastinating. I always find reasons to hold on doing the things I needed to do.
Just few days ago I read an entry in a friend’s blog. She is doing WIP Files (not sure what it stands for….) but basically, to motivate herself she must write about something she did each day. I think if I do something like that, it might be a good way to motivate myself to do the things I always want to do but find reasons to delay it. Might be a bit of a challenge for me because I get easily bored and couldn’t commit myself for long. Well, we’ll see how far I’ll do this everyday thing. And to make it sounds cool, I decide to call it DATED, which stands for Do A Thing Each Day.

Today I thought about doodling. Recently it seems doodling got popular everywhere. I think it looks cool. Like being just half way out of your mind and daydreaming while holding a pen and scratching things, and voila! what an art! No. Definitely not that easy as an empty minded thing. Well, it might be if you’re a really gifted artist. But even artists don’t get instant skill like that. It needs practice, and so is doodling.

Few months back I’ve tried doodling on my sketch book, and the result was so embarrassingly not artsy that I won’t even let anyone see that horrible thing. I tried to see what the difference between mine and those that get pinned on pinterest. I notice doodling is not just as random as it seems. It still needs structure, a certain set of rules. If you want to fill a space, you need pattern, and to make it looks good that pattern have to have a coherence to the pattern next to it.

So now I get it how I’m supposed to do when doodling, I want to do one whole page of it. But as usual, once I understand the work of it, my mind goes blank on what I want to draw.But I’ll start with something I recently see a lot, and that is cute cats.
So, do I know how to draw cute, cartoony cat? No. Seems I have to practice drawing cats first before even attempting on doodling it. Yes, I’m such an aspiring perfectionist ( ̄ー ̄)

So, today’s attempt resulting on a drawing of a (hopefully) cute little cat drawn in the corner of my daily planner.


New Year, New Goals……supposedly

First day of the year! I should have make some resolutions or some list of things I should do, but whenever I write something like that it will never be done anyway.
So, so, so,……I think I will just think about short term goal, that can be achievable within this week, like cleaning the dust on my bookcases, and putting the jumbled books in order again.
Or maybe finishing a year-old-never-finished painting that I really intend to finish but not finding the right mind for it.
Or maybe drawing some sketches of characters from a novel series that I just recently finished.
But just thinking of seems like it’s never getting done. My mind like now is just like a cracker that is hit in the middle, so that it splits into uneven pieces. Between this and that, what should I do first………..

unfinished painting