Wire pendants, and earrings for birthday present

Made some wire jewelry for my friends who will have birthday soon, and also one Tree of Life pendant for my self 🙂

Some of the designs, I found on pinterest. Still need a lot of practice, and practice is more fun if you are planning to give it to your best friends.

IMG_5940-small IMG_0002 small


Making My Own Unique Letter Set

One of the thing I like is sending letter to my friends. Since my friends and I always try to send the most cute or unique letters to each others, I don’t want to buy the standard paper and envelope type that are sold in stores. So mostly I decided to make my own letter set.

A few days ago I found a beautiful paper pad on crafting supplies store. It was 6×6 Forever Green Paper Pad by Prima Marketing INC. The store sold this pad at a cheap price, probably because one corner is a little bit wonky.


The pad has a blackboard theme with contrasting pictures that seems to pop out of the paper. I chose one with butterflies pictures on one side and the other side just black with thin borders of shrubbery.


I folded a square piece of paper for the letter and glued the little square to the background paper. I have this grey tinted paper that looks in tone with the background.

I took a smiley card from a cafe the day before and used it to be a sort of seal for the folded paper.

I glued the upper left corner of the smiley card to the paper and put a ball of tack-it on the center to seal the letter. Actually for this I used a piece of kneadable eraser instead of tack-it, not as ideal but it has the same sort of stickiness. I put instruction on how to open it on the bottom corner of the smile card. I didn’t want to reveal the contents of my letter right away, but put an air of mystery to it.

As you can see the letter has an effect that I want.

I sort of experimented with the way to fold the paper so it looks nice and easy to open.


I made the envelope with the same paper I used for the writing paper, sprayed with different colors of ink. I forgot to take a picture of it before I mailed the letter, but basically just making a pocket that can fit my letter.

I hope my friend will love it when she got my letter 😀

New project – Wire Jewelry

While I looked around for gemstone and their meaning, I stumbled across pictures of Wire Jewelry with gemstones on it. They look so beautiful. The wire twisted to make swirly frame for the gemstone, really I just can’t resist sparkly and shiny things. Especially those which I can make on my own. So, I browse through my favorite online craft supply store. No need to guess, I ended up with a haul of necessary item to make basic wire jewelry. Luckily I already have some tools needed from my earlier polymer clay obsession. While I wait for the wire spool and gemstones to arrive, I drew some design sketch for my wire project.

This one is my design for Aventurine and Iolite pendant. Hopefully it’s possible to make it like I draw it.

IMG_5710-wire pendant