Painting on the go

I wanted to send a card to a friend, but I haven’t come up with a good idea. So, at last moment, before going to the post office, I stamped a frog and a talk bubble on a  postcard from Maruman Watercolor Postcard Pad (so far only this product from Maruman that’s really worth its price). There’s a really nice picnic table behind the post office where I quickly add watercolor to the card.


For some reason my phone camera always lost focus on the frog in every pics I took. Poor frogie…



Today’s art shopping

I just can’t resist myself when I visit my favorite art supply store. The store is small but filled with many delicious choices for any kind of art and craft needs, and it has the best price compared to all art supply stores in my country (at least that I know of ;P ). The stores even sell Derwent product far cheaper than in the Derwent online store.

It’s rare to find a 300gsm watercolor paper that is affordable for an amateur watercolor enthusiast like me. So when I saw Canson XL Mix Media pads I grabbed it immediately. I asked the clerk if they have the XL watercolor pad, but they said they only have Reeves, and so I grabbed that too. That was a blind buy as I haven’t read any review of Canson XL Mix Media pad before. Now that I am home and have access to google, I found that the reviews are not that good for their Mix Media paper. People who reviewed it said that the paper could not hold a lot of water. Oh no, will this be a waste….. I like using wet on wet techniques, but most reviews were for the 160gsm pads. Hopefully the 300gsm is better to hold water and still be a good use to me.

Another blind buy was Pentel Arts Watercolour Set. My Reeves set is beyond use and need retirement. As far as I know Pentel is a quite good brand for student. The reviews I found on the net are quite good. It is compared to the same level as Sakura Koi Watercolor. I probably will try the Canson Mix Media paper and the Pentel watercolor soon, as soon as I finished my current project.


DATED – the art of doodling

So, I’m a reeeeeeeeally good on procrastinating. I always find reasons to hold on doing the things I needed to do.
Just few days ago I read an entry in a friend’s blog. She is doing WIP Files (not sure what it stands for….) but basically, to motivate herself she must write about something she did each day. I think if I do something like that, it might be a good way to motivate myself to do the things I always want to do but find reasons to delay it. Might be a bit of a challenge for me because I get easily bored and couldn’t commit myself for long. Well, we’ll see how far I’ll do this everyday thing. And to make it sounds cool, I decide to call it DATED, which stands for Do A Thing Each Day.

Today I thought about doodling. Recently it seems doodling got popular everywhere. I think it looks cool. Like being just half way out of your mind and daydreaming while holding a pen and scratching things, and voila! what an art! No. Definitely not that easy as an empty minded thing. Well, it might be if you’re a really gifted artist. But even artists don’t get instant skill like that. It needs practice, and so is doodling.

Few months back I’ve tried doodling on my sketch book, and the result was so embarrassingly not artsy that I won’t even let anyone see that horrible thing. I tried to see what the difference between mine and those that get pinned on pinterest. I notice doodling is not just as random as it seems. It still needs structure, a certain set of rules. If you want to fill a space, you need pattern, and to make it looks good that pattern have to have a coherence to the pattern next to it.

So now I get it how I’m supposed to do when doodling, I want to do one whole page of it. But as usual, once I understand the work of it, my mind goes blank on what I want to draw.But I’ll start with something I recently see a lot, and that is cute cats.
So, do I know how to draw cute, cartoony cat? No. Seems I have to practice drawing cats first before even attempting on doodling it. Yes, I’m such an aspiring perfectionist ( ̄ー ̄)

So, today’s attempt resulting on a drawing of a (hopefully) cute little cat drawn in the corner of my daily planner.