Welcome to my blog 。◕‿◕。

I’m a baker and an art hobbyist. I like to draw when I have the free time, though my drawings still need a lot of improvement. When I was little I believed that I didn’t have a shred of artistic gift. But even I was curious at drawing, so I often tried to draw something on a piece of paper, always hiding when doing it, because I was embarrassed by it. After years of random drawings here and there, I found out that my drawing is improving. I realize that people who can draw beautiful drawing must have a lot of practice to be that good. I’m glad I never give up on myself and said “No, I can’t never draw”, because drawing turns out to be fun.

So, my first love in art was watercolor painting. I love the translucent color and the fluidity of watercolor. Lately I’m also curious in experimenting mixed media art. I think it’s a very unrestricted way to put any kind of ideas to life, since you can put any kind of mediums.

And I hope this blog can help me motivate myself to do more practice at drawing, and painting 。◕‿◕。


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