Colored Pencil Magazine October Art Challenge

Finnaly, I decided to take a drawing challenge from Colored Pencil Magazine. CPM always have a drawing contest every month with different theme each time. The October month’s theme is stick and stones. I decided to do this challenge just a week before deadline. It turned out the photo provided was more complicated than I thought it would be. Colored pencil is not my favorite medium. I remember how awful my pencil color drawings were from the time I was in school. But since one of the rules for this contest is to use colored pencil, I have to dig tips and techniques to make a good colored pencil drawing. I look for tutorials around the web, just the simple basic one so I can follow them. I found one tutorial that really helps me to get around on painting stones. The explanations there are easy to follow. (How to Paint Nature’s Bounty using Derwent Coloursoft Pencils by Graham Brace)

Following the tips on the tutorial, I drew a fairly acceptable drawing. I actually learned a lot by drawing this. So if you see that the top part looks to be drawn on different ways than the bottom part, that’s because it is. I experimented on how to make something looks as close to the real photo as possible.

I’m quite proud of my finished drawing. Maybe not the best amongst the other contestants, but at least I manage to finished it before deadline. And I also managed to get quite a few techniques because of this challenge.

CPM OKT 14 - Fina Lau - 25%

Drawn using Derwent Coloursoft on Canson Drawing paper

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