Freebies things

My eyes are always drawn to free things offered in sold items. I mean I know it’s a strategy to make us buy their products, but I can’t help it. I love freebies.

Last week I went to Burger King with my mom to have lunch. At the counter my eyes were instantly drawn to a very cute mini Polar Bear plushie. I have to buy their products at a min purchase to get it. So, I sort of persuaded my mom into buying a large package to reach the minimum. I couldn’t hide my grin when the server took out the Polar Bear from under the counter.

Just today, I found another freebies at a supermarket. There was a cute ceramic tea cup attached to a box of green tea bags. I didn’t recognize the brand, but I’m willing to buy it just to get the cup, although I already bought two boxes of the usual tea I drink. And, guess what, I bought four boxes of it so I could have a set of the same tea cups XD

I’m just a loser at this kind of thing.




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