Slow Day at the Cake Store

Today is the of re-opening our bakery & cake store. It’s Saturday, so it’s a little slow in the morning, hopefully more customer will come on the evening.


It’s Turtle first appearance on cupcake! 😀


And Froggie too!


Summer trip

My mother and I just took a short trip to Bali. We managed to take a nice picture in a exclusive resort Semara. They have a secluded beach below the cliff, and to get there we need to take a cable car.


Re-cycling Diaries

My first journal book is an old diary planner that I only used for a while then abandoned. I had a sad memory of it. I took this new diary from my father’s desk and used it without his knowing. I remember he always wondered where his diary is. I was just nine year old at that time, so I didn’t know better. After my father had passed away, I regretted deeply every time I looked at that diary. But, one day I had this great idea of looking things positively and making the best of everything. So, I decided that I ‘ll just make an art of this diary!

Nature always Finds A Way